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Why Businesses are Killing for a Spot on the First Page of Google

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Online marketing is all about tapping into traffic sources to bring in potential customers for your brand. Aside from direct traffic (users who type in your URL), some of the primary sources of traffic include paid search, social media, email marketing, display advertising, and organic search.

According to statistics, direct traffic accounts for anywhere between 36-45% of all traffic. However, direct traffic mostly comes from previous customers and people who were exposed to your offline marketing strategies.

As far as online marketing strategies are concerned, organic search is the best source of traffic by a mile; accounting for 33-37% of your web traffic. In comparison, paid search ads bring in about 2-5% of your traffic while social media channels get 4-6%.

That said, you are clearly missing out on a huge revenue stream if you do not incorporate SEO or Search Engine Optimization in your online marketing strategy.


“Go Big or Go Home”

SEO only has one goal. No, that is not just to rank in search engines—or rank highly for that matter. The ultimate goal is to snag the first place and stay there for as long as you can. After all, the top ranking site gets 33-42% of organic traffic while the 2nd and 3rd sites get only 11% and 8%, respectively.

Aside from the tremendous traffic, here are other reasons why businesses are killing for the top spot with SEO:


1. Increased Brand Awareness

Being on the top spot in SERPS, especially in high-traffic keyword markets, is a great achievement for your brand image. It establishes your website as an authority and cements your credibility as an information provider—making your target audience trust you more. The online community will also recognize your website once they see it ranking highly alongside well-known brands; even if users end up clicking elsewhere.


2. High Commercial Intent

Another advantage of organic traffic is that most users perform searches with high commercial intent. They turn to search engines whenever they need solutions they can act upon. Assuming that you targeted profitable keywords well, then your audience is probably already in a “buying mode” by the time they click your listing. Just remember that SEO also involves ranking specific landing pages that will meet the demands of your target users. These landing pages must do a great job of “capturing” your visitors and turning them into leads or better yet, paying customers.


3. Cost Efficiency

There is no denying that SEO is time-consuming, takes a ton of work, and can be expensive during the early stages. However, it is regarded by veteran online marketers as the most cost-effective marketing strategy as compared to paid advertising, email marketing, and even TV commercials. Remember that if you reach the top spot, your brand will be exposed to the billions of daily search users on Google alone. It is only a matter of time before you realize the gains of your investment and watch the cash roll in.


4. Gearing Up for the Future

Over time, SEO evolves to cater to new technology, such as the users’ ability to perform voice searches using mobile devices. By implementing an adaptive SEO strategy, you will regularly be required to adapt to new trends and be prepared for the fast-paced competition. Remember that the search community is only getting bigger. You can bet your money on SEO to be a solid marketing pillar for years to come.


SEO as the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy

Unlike paid search or display advertising, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. Once you build it, the traffic comes to you without constantly reaching out to your target audience and churning out marketing materials. However, bear in mind that your competitors are always a threat to your search rankings. Search engines also roll out occasional updates that may shake things up and cause you to lose your advantage overnight. That is why SEO never stops even if you are already in the top spot. Feel free to contact us to learn more about SEO, how to do it, and how to succeed with it.

Ken Khan is a Sydney-based technologist and entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. He has over 15 years experience in the digital landscape and has worked with some of Australia's largest brands.

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